10 teachers at Odisha schools were sacked for being absent from work for 4-5 years


Ten junior instructors from the Malkangiri area paid a steep price for skipping out on their respective classes for a prolonged period of four to five years. They were all fired from their positions.These teachers, according to accounts, were assigned to various schools within the district. After a few days of serving, they stopped attending their respective schools. They did not inform their supervisors that they were still on leave. As employees of the government, they are required to let their superiors know why they will be absent and when they plan to resume their work.

The department had sent them show cause warnings after discovering that they had been on leave for such a prolonged period without making any requests. The department issued numerous notices of this kind as follow-up. Additionally, newspaper advertisements were printed. But since they didn’t reply, it appeared that nobody took it seriously. The District Education Officer (DEO) decided to discipline these truant teachers by terminating their employment. It was unable to get in touch with any of these professors to get their opinions on what was done to them.

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