“Redefining The Health Care Landscape”


Meet Mr. Sohan, the visionary CEO of NotInLine. With a passion for bridging healthcare gaps, he leads the charge to revolutionize medical accessibility. His innovative strategies and commitment to team collaboration drive NotInLine’s remarkable growth and its mission to reshape India’s HealthTech landscape.




1. Can you provide an overview of Notinline’s mission and vision, and how they guide the
company’s strategic direction?
NotInLine, an Odisha-based healthtech startup, is addressing the healthcare disparity between rural and urban areas in India. With only 27% of the population in metropolitan regions, where 75% of healthcare facilities are concentrated, inadequate healthcare access is evident. By employing technology, NotInLine aims to transform healthcare accessibility by simplifying OPD appointments, lab tests, and other services, empowering individuals to manage their health effortlessly. The vision is to lead India’s HealthTech sector, revolutionizing healthcare delivery for a healthier community.


2. What unique value does Notinline bring to its customers, and how do you ensure that
value is consistently delivered?
Our initiative focuses on narrowing the healthcare gap between rural and urban areas, facilitating seamless medical access through our app. Rural individuals can easily avail medical services. Our app features health assistants in hospitals to enhance patient care, including follow-ups to address health concerns and ensure optimal service quality.


3. Could you share some key milestones or achievements that Notinline has accomplished
since its inception?
In just one year, we’ve enlisted 50+ hospitals, amassed 10k+ users, and aided 700+ individuals. Our NABL certified platform ensures precise patient outcomes. Recognized as ABHA verified in healthcare, we stand out by offering real-time appointment scheduling and exclusively credible NABL accredited lab results.


4. In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, how does Notinline stay innovative and adapt to
changing market trends?
Our novelty lies in Predictive Scheduling for Improved Healthcare Access. NotInLine revolutionizes healthcare by introducing predictive scheduling for OPD appointments. Using historical data, patient preferences, and facility capacities, we forecast bookings, offering personalized, wait-free appointments. This system reduces wait times, ensures prompt care, and betters patient experience, prioritizing accessibility for all.



5. What strategies does Notinline employ to maintain a strong company culture and ensure
employee engagement and satisfaction?
Valuing our employees as the company’s foundation, fostering a positive culture and their contentment is pivotal for the core team. We prioritize their welfare by offering heavily discounted packages. Monthly engagement events, games, and camaraderie enhance morale. Acknowledging hard work, an Employee of the Month award boosts motivation. Sustaining knowledge, Coursera courses are accessible for continuous learning.


6. How does Notinline approach corporate social responsibility and contribute to the local
community in Bhubaneswar?
Partnering with NGOs and village Sarpanches, we’re bridging the gap to rural communities. Affordable services are our commitment. Future plans include rural e-clinics with rotating doctors to cut patient travel costs. Our aim is accessible and cost-effective healthcare for remote areas.


7. Can you discuss any recent partnerships or collaborations that have contributed to
Notinline’s growth and success?
Excitingly, NotInLine’s growth persists. Recently, notable partnerships were formed with major Bhubaneswar hospitals—Sunshine, Health Village, Sushruta, to name a few. Further connections with prominent hospitals are in progress, poised to expand our platform’s reach and impact.


8. With cybersecurity becoming increasingly important, how does Notinline ensure the
security and privacy of its customers’ data?
Acknowledging data’s potential risks, we prioritize its safety. Our platform guarantees security and privacy for data shared by hospitals and patients, backed by our vigilant tech team. With WASA certification, our platform gains further trust as a fortified and private environment.


9. How do you see the future of the tech industry in Bhubaneswar, and what role does
Notinline aim to play in that future?
Bhubaneswar’s tech industry holds a promising future, driven by the energetic youth founding tech-based startups. NotInLine, aspiring to be India’s premier HealthTech startup, thrives through technology. An AI-driven system suggesting ideal doctors and upcoming app enhancements showcase our commitment. Despite the journey’s length, we’re poised for a triumphant path ahead.


10. Could you share some insights into your leadership style and how it has contributed to
Notinline’s growth and resilience?
As a leader, I foster two-way communication, valuing insightful feedback. Our team actively proposes app features, with some already implemented. I engage in department meetings, overseeing operations. Balancing work with enjoyment, we initiated employee engagement programs. Our cohesive team remains pivotal, and I’m confident in our sustained growth.

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