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Ar. Soumya Kar and Ar. Amol Parab, the co-founders of Streak Studio, bring a unique blend of talent and experience to the world of interior design. With their backgrounds in architecture and their passion for creating meaningful and innovative spaces, they have successfully led their team in delivering exceptional designs that seamlessly blend modernity with cultural essence. Their dedication to their craft and commitment to their clients have made them influential figures in the field of interior design.


1. Can you describe a project from Streak Studio’s  portfolio that you were personally involved in? What was your role, and what design elements did you contribute?

Streak Studio’s emotional journey in renovating our ancestral home was a delicate balance between restoration and sentimental preservation. We skillfully incorporated neoclassical-style interiors to maintain its timeless ambiance, resulting in a harmonious space that blends peace, warmth, comfort, and cherished memories.

2. Given the partnership with Livspace for modular solutions, how do you stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in modular interior design, and how has this influenced your design approach?
Streak Studio’s collaboration with Livspace underscores our dedication to innovation and excellence in the Indian design industry, where modular interiors have sparked a revolution. Our team stays at the forefront by consistently enhancing their expertise through research, networking, and collaboration. We prioritize educating our clients about cutting-edge solutions to ensure a seamless and delightful design experience.

3. Bhubaneswar has a rich cultural heritage. How do you incorporate local culture and aesthetics into your interior designs while maintaining a modern and innovative approach?
Streak Studio’s design ethos is firmly grounded in India’s cultural and Odisha’s heritage. We passionately engage with local artists and craftsmen to imbue our spaces with cultural significance and value. By integrating handicrafts and decor from vibrant local markets such as Pipili and Raghurajpur, we actively promote regional artistry and provide vital support to dedicated artisans and artists within their communities. This approach embodies our sincere respect and meaningful commitment to the profound culture that brings us immense pride.

4. Could you share an example of a project where you had to work within a tight budget? How did you manage to deliver a high-quality interior design while staying within the budget constraints?
Budget plays a crucial role in every interior design project. Initially, Streak Studio encountered difficulties in earning the trust of cost-conscious clients. Nonetheless, our resolve to establish trust led us to adeptly manage budgets while maintaining high design standards and impeccable quality. Occasionally, we even adjusted our professional fees. Today, we tackle budget-conscious projects with the same fervor and expertise, consistently delivering outcomes that are both effective and efficient.

5. Collaboration is essential in the field of interior design. Can you tell us about a project where you had to coordinate with architects, contractors, and other professionals? How did you ensure a seamless collaboration and project execution?
Streak Studio’s achievements are rooted in teamwork and rigorous planning. As architects and interior designers, we shoulder the responsibility of overseeing the flawless execution of multiple projects concurrently. To handle this workload proficiently, we intricately organize tasks, synchronize teams, make pivotal decisions, and set clear objectives. Regular follow-ups, site inspections, supervision, and contingency strategies are integral in navigating challenges effectively. We firmly believe that meticulous planning is the bedrock of our accomplishments, and we consistently enhance and optimize our processes with each project and passing day.

6. Streak Studio has completed around 15 projects in Bhubaneswar. Can you highlight one of these projects that you believe best represents your design philosophy and approach, and explain why it’s a standout project?
Streak Studio draws inspiration from our clients, aiming for the finest design results. We hold the belief that exceptional designs originate from compelling stories and thrive with exceptional clients. Our work at Falcon Crest serves as a prime illustration. Here, our team collaborated closely with clients to craft a 3BHK apartment that beautifully mirrors their personalities and our design principles. The interiors exude coziness with an artful blend of patterns and textures, while a refreshing color palette defines each area. The clients’ compliments, acknowledging our team’s deserved success, stand as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our work and clients.

7. In your experience, what are some of the unique challenges that interior designers face in Bhubaneswar compared to other cities? How do you adapt your design strategies to address these challenges?
Streak Studio’s founders, Ar. Soumya Kar and Mumbaikar Ar. Amol Parab, bring a wealth of experience from both Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, spanning government and private organizations. Notably, Bhubaneswar, as a thriving tier 2 city, is undergoing rapid growth and essential developments, offering significant potential in fields like architecture and interior design. The city’s remarkable progress has attracted prominent brands and businesses, rendering challenges faced by the founders a few years ago nearly obsolete. Minor issues, such as sourcing specific materials, can be resolved by importing them from other cities, albeit with some additional time. The prevalent remote working culture, encompassing Work from Home arrangements has facilitated collaboration, outsourcing, and the ability to tap into talent from different locations.

8. As co-founders of Streak Studio, how do Ar. Amol Parab and Ar. Soumya Kar inspire and lead the team to consistently deliver innovative and high-quality interior designs?
Passion is the catalyst for alignment in life’s intricate puzzle. Managing a firm while simultaneously overseeing multiple projects may seem draining, but when fueled by genuine enthusiasm, the journey becomes a source of delight. Discovering joy in one’s work inherently sustains elevated energy levels, effortlessly inspiring and propelling the team towards shared objectives. We consistently seek innovative approaches, foster productive dialogues among team members, and genuinely value their input to maintain their commitment. Regularly acknowledging and celebrating small victories greatly fortifies team cohesion.

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