13 fishermen go missing from Paradip coast in Odisha

by Subhechcha Ganguly

According to reports, at least 13 fishermen were aboard two mechanised fishing boats that went missing off the coast of Paradip in the Jagatsinghpur district. According to accounts, the fishermen haven’t been in touch for the past five days. All attempts to contact the fishermen have been ineffective. After sailing the boats 163 kilometres off the coast in the direction of Digha, they were never found. The 13 fishermen aboard two boats, Kinara and Debilaxmi, seven on one boat and the remaining six on another, began fishing five days ago, according to sources. In search of a plentiful catch, they travelled into the deep waters toward Digha, but they vanished.

Family members asked the Kujang Fisheries Officer and Marine Police to start a rescue mission after making unsuccessful attempts to find out where they were. They may have been detained after entering Bangladeshi waters to grab additional fish, according to family and other fishermen. Two boats were present. In the two boats, there were at least 13 fisherman. Since January 8, they had been out fishing. However, since January 11 they have been impossible to find. Since then, a rescue operation has been launched after we notified Coast Guard Headquarters and Marine Police officers.

“We believe they may have crossed into Bangladeshi territory and may have been held there. Srikant Parida, president of the Odisha Marine Fish Production Association, expressed his wish that everyone was safe.

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