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3 vitamins for a healthy lungs


Air Pollution can lead to the entry of many harmful chemical substances and pollen grains inside your respiratory system which might cause irritations and breathlessness in the long run. Consumption of some Vitamins can prove to be healthy and decrease the amount of cell death in our body.

Vitamin A

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Vitamin A may be helpful for chronic lung disease patients. This vitamin is critical to the functioning of your immune system. It’s also a vital player in the ability of your cells to grow and differentiate, which means to become different types of cells as they grow. Thanks to these properties, getting enough vitamin A in your diet through foods or supplements may help your body initiate its natural repair process in the lungs. It’s also fat-soluble, which means it can build up in your body and become toxic. Prolonged overdosing on vitamin A can even lead to liver and bone issues. Therefore, it’s critical that you speak to your doctor or dietitian before beginning a vitamin A supplement.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is vital to many of your body’s processes, but there’s one trait it has that makes it potentially helpful for chronic lung disease patients: it’s an antioxidant. With many chronic lung conditions, lung damage and inflammation is caused by free radicals and toxins introduced by smoking and other sources.
Vitamin C has properties that allow it to fight back against free radicals and toxins, and it also helps your body flush out these potentially damaging molecules. By helping your body remove toxins and free radicals, vitamin C may lower lung tissue damage rates and give your body an opportunity to repair these tissues. It’s also water-soluble, which means it’s unlikely to build up to toxic levels in your body.

Vitamin D

3 vitamins for a healthy lungs 3

The ‘sunshine vitamin’, known to protect bones, can also guard you against colds, flu and asthma attacks. According to the recent findings, COPD patients, who were severely deficient in vitamin D, benefitted to a great extent by the use of vitamin D supplements – it led to a 45 per cent reduction in lung attacks among such patients. Prescribing and orally administering vitamin D supplement is safe and it costs less than any other treatment –the treatment is potentially highly cost-effective for those who have low vitamin D levels following routine testing.This is probably because vitamin D is also known to increase neuromuscular and immune function, and reduce inflammation. COPD is characterized by lung inflammation, and possibly that is where vitamin D acts as a remedy.

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