31% Odisha Students Lack Employability Skills As Per India Skill Report

by Dikhyaa Mohanty

According to the India Skills Report, 2021 on talent demand and supply report the percentage of Odisha student’s employment is dismal.

As per the report, not even 31 percent of Odisha students have the employable talent for a proper job as they lack essential skills and Odisha does not even feature in the Top-10 states with the highest employability in the country.

Numerous youths of Odisha have earned money and fame for the state in the country and outside through their job skills but in the India Skills Report, 2021 on talent demand and supply in post-COVID India the scenario reflects a miserable picture of Odisha.

But states like West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh and even backward states like Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are ahead of Odisha in terms of the highest employment talent.

The report further elaborates that the Youth of Odisha are requiring skills in English, numerical skills, critical thinking, and computer knowledge. Because of English as the second language, Odisha failed to find a place in the list of the Top-10 state while on the availability of employable computer skills, the state has been pushed below by the states of Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.

Odisha capital – Bhubaneswar is considered as the top Smart Cities in the country was a mission from India’s employability map. Whereas, Nellore in Andhra Pradesh, ranks 8th in employable cities which does not even feature in the Smart City list.

The report further stated that the employability rate in Odisha is a primary result of the available opportunities. The shortage of efforts in skill development by the government and academic institutions is the other reason that has propelled Odisha to the below level. The survey was conducted by Wheebox in partnership with Tagged, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Association of Indian Universities (AIU), and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

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