Once estranged, Dhenkanal’s Jatan Nagar Palace is being readied to cater local sightseers.


The Mysterious folklores of Jatan Nagar Palace are quite popular and widespread. Just 6 kilometers away from Dhenkanal Railway station this 20th century palace in currently undergoing with renovation works to attract tourists from not only the state, rather from across the country too. The palace is situated atop of a hill adjacent to Dhenkanal city. The palace was built during the early 20th Century.

According to locals, the palace is believed to be built with forced labour. Even it is believed that elephants were users to lift the stones from the down to the hill top, where the palace is currently situated.

Now Ex-MLA Krushna Chandra Patra, who is the current owner of the property started cleaning the site as well as renovating the mega structure for tourist attraction.

Sushanta Sahoo, a visitor said, “we are coming here since our schooldays, but now the place has been cleaned and renovation work is currently going on, now vehicles can too ride up to the top of the hill making easier for the visitors to come here. “

People were also seen taking selfies and shooting videos. As the news of renovation has spread over the town, people from across the town and adjacent places are coming here to visit. Once an abandon place, today the site has turned out to be sightseer’s first choice to catch a glimpse of past history and architecture marvel.

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