“We will do our best to help India,” Biden bowed before the pressure of his own people


The United States has said it will not cooperate with India during the Covid 19 pandemic. The United States has said it will cooperate with India after criticizing President Biden’s decision by a ruling Democratic Party MP. The United States has the raw materials needed for the vaccine. However, the United States has banned it. So India is now in trouble with getting the vaccine ready. The White House said Monday that the ban on raw materials could not be lifted. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce then pressured the Biden administration. Then President Joe Biden promised to help India.

The U.S. State Department said in a press release that Covid 19 is getting “terrified” in India. The United States will help every Indian during this epidemic. This will help the whole of South Asia and the world.

The United States has said in a statement that it “will take all necessary measures to address the issue of import and export of essential goods.” He has a close relationship with Indians and will continue to do so. “The United States is ready to cooperate with India at the highest level,” he said.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has been pushing for the Biden government to intervene in the wake of the covid situation in India. The immediate use of raw materials and other life-saving drugs, equipment, etc. used for vaccination put pressure on India. And after a few hours of discussion on the White House, the United States has said it will cooperate. In addition to India, the United States has said it will cooperate with Brazil and other countries.

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