Silent voters or Polarisation: What provided the fuel for Didi’s tremendous win?


In the West Bengal Assembly elections, the TMC is in power for the third time in a row with a strong majority. However, TMC chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has lost her seat. Counting is still going on. The BJP claimed that the party would win more than 200 seats. Despite the publicity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the party has lagged far behind the TMC.

In the West Bengal elections, the BJP made polarization a big issue. At every rally and meeting of the BJP, the BJP continued to raise the issue with the slogan “Jai Shriram”. The TMC was not far behind. Mamata Banerjee was the first to recite the Chandi on a public stage, and also made her tribe public. It was said that the BJP would get the support of the Hindu vote of West Bengal. However, this is the opposite for the BJP.

Another big reason for the BJP’s defeat was that there was no reliable chief minister in the party at the local level. The people of the state, on the other hand, had a strong chief minister in the form of Banerjee. Not only that, the internal strife within the team has also led to the team’s defeat.

After the Lok Sabha elections, the BJP needed a bigger face at the state and grassroots levels. This is why the BJP has started importing leaders from other parties. The biggest name was Shubhendu Adhikari. The team imported so many leaders from TMC that it could not even handle its load. As a result, it cost the team.

This time, the BJP was fielding leaders of other parties in the party. It also gave tickets to a wide range of import leaders. Many leaders were dissatisfied with this. The party was embroiled in controversy over ticket distribution. Their leader was also accused of harassing the party. The list of candidates has since been revised.

This time, the BJP did not get the support of its silent voters. After the Bihar assembly elections, Prime Minister Modi described the country’s women as silent voters. But in West Bengal, the party has the support of these silent voters. This is because women did not like Prime Minister Modi repeatedly addressing Mamata as Didi.

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