In Conversation with Abu Shadab, Author, blogger, toastmaster and youtuber


Abu Shadab is an HR professional by day. With the sunset, he changes his cloak and becomes a Youtuber, Toastmaster, Event co Ordinator, Author, Fitness Enthusiast, Avid Reader, and a Blogger. He is the epitome of Jack of all trades.
While growing up, he was told the opposite of success is failure, only to realize the opposite of success is learning. So he continues to fail and learn and wears his failure as a badge of honor. Interview Times had a detailed discussion with him, below are the answers he responded to the questionnaire of Interview Times:-

Q1- What inspired you write a book on financial stuff?
Answer– Everyone wants to be happy and the first step towards happiness is finance, It is said if you have money 90% of your problem are taken care of. Now to have money and manage money are two different things. The rich and the poor are 2 sides of the same coin, it completely depends what side you are looking at.
The topic finance gives me goosebumps and I am not good at finance or Math’s. But then I am a big fan of Batman, and as per Batman the only way to overcome your fear is to face your fear. I am making a genuine effort to face my fear.

Q2- What are you hobbies?
Answer– A dear friend of mine used a terminology “Passion preneur” . And, explained passion preneur are those people who can make money out of their passions.
I am a Youtuber, Toastmaster, Fitness Enthusiast, Mental health and of course a writer and would love to make money out of my passions.

Q3- How do you source your ideas for writing?
Answer– I strongly believe you don’t write a book, the book write itself. I am a great fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. As per her book “Big Magic” you just have to be disciplined and consistent and ideas will come to you. And, when idea’s they first hit you they are raw, and they need love and care. If you are able to hold on to an idea give the required nurture and you will see the caterpillar turning into a butterfly right in front of you.

Q4- What message you want to give to people who want to become like you?
Answer- I will never want anyone to be like me. You have to be original for that you need to be Yourself. You have to accept yourself for your shortcomings and strength. And, have the power to accept people the way they are. You can certainly get inspired but do not become someone’s dummy.

Q5- What is your success mantra?
Answer- Like happiness, success is also a state of mind. The power to stand after a complete knockout is success to me. Doing things which are monotonous for others, but progress for me is success. Above, all always trying to come out of my comfort zone is success to me.

Q6- How do you portray the characters in your book?
Answer- I look for characters and stories within my friends and family. It is original and you cannot find it on Google. The best part of searching for stories and character within your well wishers, you end up becoming a good listener and observer. And, everybody loves a good listener and a good listener loves an original and variety of characters.

Q7- What is your future plans?
Answer– To believe there is a pot of gold towards the end of a rainbow and continue to work towards it.
I have got into the habit of writing everyday and I want to continue taking actions and leave the rest to destiny.

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