USA to distribute 6 million doses of COVID 19 vaccine to countries in crisis including India


U.S. President Joe Biden announced last month that the United States would deliver more than six million Covid-19 doses of the vaccine to the world in six weeks. As a result of the announcement, the U.S. president on Thursday issued a statement on the distribution of vaccines.

According to the report, more than 6 million doses of the vaccine will be given to countries that are most infected and are concerned about the covid 19. These include Canada, India, Mexico and the Republic of Korea. The rest of the vaccine will be given to other countries.

“The United States will provide  six million vaccines to the world,” Joe Biden said. Of this, 1.9 million will be donated to the Cobax organization. Of these, 60 lakh doses will be for Latin American countries. In addition, 50 lakh doses of vaccines will be distributed to countries in South and Southeast Asia. 40 million doses will be given to African countries.

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