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76th Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi

76th Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi
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Rajiv Ratna Gandhi (20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991) was the firebrand personality man in the Indian Politics. He served as the 6th prime Minister of India from 1984 to 1989. He was the youngest Indian Prime Minister at the age of 40.

Rajiv Gandhi did his college in the United Kingdom and returned to India in 1966 and became a professional pilot for the state-owned Indian Airlines. In the 1970s Rajiv Gandhi’s mother Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister of India, and his brother Sanjay Gandhi was an MP.

His mother was liquidated by one of her bodyguards on the morning of 31 October 1984, and later on, Rajiv Gandhi appointed as the Prime Minister of India.

His leadership skill was tested in the next few days after his appointment on mobs rioted against the Sikh community, resulting in anti-Sikh riots in Delhi.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by a Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) suicide bomber during an election campaign in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur in May 1991.

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tribute to Rajiv Gandhi on tweeter and said, “On his birth anniversary, tributes to former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi Ji.”

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Tweet Credited to Narendra Modi via Twitter

Rajiv Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi said that we miss him today and every day and also said that Rajiv Gandhi was a man with a tremendous vision, far ahead of his times. But above all else, he was a compassionate and loving human being. He is incredibly lucky and proud to have him as his father.

76th Birth Anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi 2
Tweet Credited to Rahul Gandhi via Twitter

Rajiv Gandhi’s death anniversary is also observed as Anti-Terrorism day.


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