A BJP MLA in Gujarat leaps into the sea to save three young people from drowning and receives praise


Four teenagers had gone to take a swim in a brook on the seashore in adjacent Patwa hamlet, after which they began drowning.Hira Solanki, a Bharatiya Janata Party MLA from Gujarat’s Rajula city, has been lauded for his bravery in saving three young people from drowning in the water. According to LiveHindustan, four boys went to take a dip in a creek on the seashore in adjacent Patwa hamlet, after which they began drowning.

After learning about the event, Solanki rushed to the scene and plunged into the sea with the assistance of others to save the youths. They were successful in extracting three youths, but were unable to save the fourth, whose body was eventually located after a lengthy search, according to the report.Kalpesh Shiya, Nikul Gujaria, Vijay Gujaria, and Jeevan Gujaria have all been identified.After a video of Solanki saving the youth went popular on social media, people began to praise him.Five toddlers had just drowned in Gujarat’s Botad district’s Krishna Sagar Lake. According to reports, two toddlers were swimming in the lake when they began to drown. Following this, three more jumped into the lake to save them, but they drowned as well.



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