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A brutal crime, Estranged lover stabbed Ex-girlfriend 10 times

A brutal crime

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By Yogita Malhotra

On 1st July 2020, a horrific incident allegedly took place in the Junagadh district of Gujarat. A man named Sanjay, a resident of Lathi town in Amreli stabs the girl brutally noting 10 times in the busy market.

The sources also revealed about their past amours, as a consequence, the accused killed her in a fit of uncontrollable rage as he believed she had abandoned him for man, whom she met online.

The victim was 30-year-old Bhavna Sonu Goswami, who died instantly after the merciless attack. Moreover, after the killing, he was found sitting next to the accused.

Later, he was arrested by the police. The accused was a casual labourer who had harassed the victim to resume the relationship against her will, as the victim’s brother reported.

Thus, it is no wrong to believe that the murder cases: lovers taking each other lives have been the norm these days.

The modern times reflect on how in our society, love has been easily vanquished by the odd pangs of jealousy, resentment, wickedness, etc.

It shows how human relations function in our modern society, where love smothers more than to embrace each other

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