A Humanitarian Crisis Solution Lays In Humanity

A Humanitarian Crisis Solution Lays In Humanity

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is- what are you doing for others.”

Apart from Middle East conflicts, border conflicts and other humanitarian crisis, Covid-19 is worst among all and it severely affected the whole world according to WHO.

The Country like India which is not only captured with a pandemic but also facing other crises, including natural disasters, poor & ignored health care system and an administration full of the blame game, is dead as a door-nail.

There are many fields in which India and its citizens lagged behind but when it comes to serving the humans, they always come first.

COVID-19 Firstline Treatment Center for asymptomatic patients

In this crisis, we have come across n- number of stories related to unavailability of beds. Due to Covid-19 pandemic hospitals are struggling to admit patients who need hospital beds for treatment, especially in metro cities where the number of patients is more.

SunjoyGaarg, 49 years old, a Bangalore based iron and steel businessman, struggled for the same after he tested positive on June 28. According to Bangalore Mirror, he was turned down by not just one but five hospitals. Hereafter he managed to get treatment with the influence of his friend.

After having such a worse experience, he decided to set up a COVID-19 Firstline Treatment Center for asymptomatic patients. With the assistance of Agarwal Samaj Karnataka, where he serving as president too, he set up a 42-bed Covid care centre in Meenakshi Meadows at Jigani Hobli.

According to the Samaj this center was set up in a matter of 48hrs and has all the facilities for patients including hot water,  food, beds,  WiFi and medicine for patients. This care center ties up with a private hospital which will provide them two doctors and four nurses to look after the patients.

In Delhi  where virus was deadliest in mid June, now becoming a role model for others. Their initiative to form a plasma bank brought unexpected changes.

City's first plasma donor to donate again, for seventh time now ...
Tabrez Khan donated his plasma seven times.

Tabrez Khan, 36 years old and a resident of Jahangirpuri, tested positive in March and then recovered on April 5. He is the first plasma donor. He donated his plasma seven times till now.Out of seven, five were Hindu families.

“I want to become a role model for others to come forward and save lives.  It must have been God’s will that he wanted me to do this,” TNIE quoted him. God’s will that he wanted me to do this,” TNIE quoted him.

Khan said “Many people say I’m doing so because I want to cover up the TablighiJamaat insult. Sometimes it hurts a lot.”  “I’ve even been accused of spreading the virus. I just want to end this hatred…where does religion come in between a pandemic,” he further added.

Cyclists Philem Rohan Singh, distributed food to homeless.

Cyclists Philem Rohan Singh got his friends together and began distributing food to those who were left with no resources due to lock down. Philem, a resident of Manipur, was on his way from Delhi to Japan as part of a campaign by the Paralympic committee of India. But  he had to stop his trip and fly back to his home state.

He and his team came across 30 homeless people who were living in the main market of Imphal.

“Since late March, we have been providing them with food, at least one meal a day for the homeless. But now since the lockdown has been intensified and there is the fear of community transmission of COVID-19, we are struggling to reach them every day,” he said.

Since March Philem and his friends have spent more than Rs 3 lakh for feeding the poor. While some of the money comes from small donations, the majority is raised by the activists themselves selling their campaign t-shirts. “We go out on our cycles every day looking for the hungry.”

They had another team that was mostly doing the cooking, but now due to the restrictions, they are not available. So they identified five homeless people who could cook. They provide them utensils and other necessities and dry rations, which they prepare themselves.

India is known for its great work in the field of humanity world wide. And in the time of Corona crisis it maintained its status quo by providing hydroxy- chloroquine to many countries. 

Everyone is giving excuses that it is an unprecedented crisis. This argument is acceptable but we must focus to mitigate the effects by taking inspiration from these laborious risk-takers who are also not getting many credits rather than wasting our time in blaming Institutions.

The devastating plight of Government hospitals and the administration’s negligence is well known and it’s not new. So in this difficult time supporting each other and anyhow serving humanity is the only way to come out.

Written By Chanderveer Singh

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