A Multifaceted Women’s Power


“A Multifaceted Women’s Power When a woman achieves greatness, she exudes a captivating energy and an infectious sense of possibility”

Women’s leadership continues to change the globe, whether it is by leading governments, defending human rights, or directing the most significant institutions.

Nilam Agarwal, a fantastic leader, spiritual activist, and ethical human being, is here with me today.

Namaskar, I’m Nilam Agarwal, president of the Marwari Mela Samiti of Bhubaneshwar. I’m here today to talk about some religious issues as well as other things.

I work as a social worker, and my faith is in religion. I enjoy doing social work a lot because I believe that if God has given us the ability to serve someone, we should do it. I firmly believe this. Giving aid to others makes me feel good spiritually. My mind will be in a joyful mood, which aids in my ability to do more.

What is your ability to lead other women?

I now serve as the president of Mahila Mandal, and while in that capacity, I wish to walk with the other members because I think that neither my words nor my actions should harm anyone. I think that woman has some sway. There are more than 350 members of the women’s committee, and each is qualified to lead the group as president. However, you must assert yourself and acknowledge your authority to do so.

And in today’s generation, scientists and philosophers are telling that God is not there… What is your POV on this?

Everyone has different perspectives, and scientists are no exception. Science believes in the things it studies, but I don’t think there is no dharma. The world continues to exist only because of dharma, karma, and God. In numerous instances, it has been demonstrated that God exists. If you have complete faith in God, you will experience his blessings.

What do you think of the proverbial statement that “women are their own worst enemies” as female president?

This is not universal thought; it is just the way certain individuals think. I can use my community as an example since so many women are working alongside me today. If they weren’t there for me, I would never be able to do any task by myself. The only reason we are here today as a community and are assisting so many people around us is that if everyone contributes together, then only can we finish any task.

How to encourage women not to give up?

I want women to challenge themselves and develop. Our foremothers believed that women should stay at home and take care of the family, children, and household duties. However, times have changed and women are developing as individuals, achieving fame and identity, and holding better positions in all professions. As a result, I implore my sisters, friends, and all women to step out into the world and demonstrate their abilities.

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