A Pioneer In The Field Of Business, Sri Pradeep Debta, Founder, DEBTA Enterprises


Excellency always lies in our proficiency. Our devoted work creates a spark in itself to grow in our surroundings and within ourselves. Today, we are conversing with Sri Pradeep Debta, who has excelled in every field and created his brand. He was born in 1967 to Sri Keshab Debta & Smt Sachla Debta in Bargarh. He had his schooling from George High School and graduated in Commerce from Panchayat College Bargarh. He joined Law in Jagajivan Ram Law School, Bhubaneswar, and completed the course in 1989. With that, Mr. Pradeep joined the Entrepreneurial Development Course offered by the UCE Burla and completed the course with flying colors. The same year, he laid the foundation of DEBTA Enterprises, which deals with several aspects of indutrial goods such as electronic and petroleum products.

Mr. Pradeep is a businessman of repute, having dealings with many MNCs and Companies at the National Level. He established DEBTA Enterprises in 1990, which manages an annual hooping turnover of 40 Cr these days. The organization deals in Electrical, Electronics, Telecom FMCG, & Petroleum materials with a huge network of over 3500 retailers with no shop of the town remains untouched. He has been continuing as the Secretary of the Bargarh Merchant Association for the last one and half-decade. Thus we find Mr. Pradeep as a constant champion of the Business Class of western Odisha.

He has a vision of creating jobs for the unemployed and improving everyone’s standard of living. He sought to expand his empire and rebrand it in 1991. He put in a lot of effort to get it. Mr. Debta claims he has put in a lot of effort to ensure his new business’s workflow is successful. Life might be too difficult or too simple at times, but his commitment to his work made everything simple. He intends to use this to break into a variety of businesses. And they want to establish a holy workplace. He remarked that your sincerity will help you triumph no matter what occurs. To be successful, you must have the desire and the courage to take risks.

Pradeep’s greatest achievement as a social worker is the establishment of permanent business outlets along the town’s Main Road. His diligent efforts persuaded the District Administration to grant the desire of the make-shift tiny traders on the town’s sidewalk for permanent personal businesses, resulting in the employment of 387 people. Moreover, despite his busy schedule, he is the president of various organizations.

To name a few, there is the Rotary Club, the Rotary School, the Bargarh District Distributors Association, the Bargarh District Rail Users’ Association, the Bargarh Sugar Mill Workers Union, and the United Forum for Cancer Hospital in Bargarh. His commitment to the assigned duty has made him a popular figure in Bargarh town and Bargarh district and neighboring districts such as Sambalpur, Jharsuguda, Sonepur, and Bolangir. Due to his tireless efforts, the State Government will construct a much-needed Cancer Hospital In Bargarh at a budget of 150 crores.

He is a born artist. Mr Debta has performed in several drama theatres during his college years. He has an artist within him waiting to emerge whenever the occasion arises. He has appeared in numerous Odia and Sambalpuri films. Sala Budhar Badla, Mui Diwana Tui Diwani in Sambalpur, Eyee bi Gote Love Story, Premikaye Namah, Rowdy Raza, Love Tuition, Mahabahu, Chorni, Katak Weds Sambalpur in Odia, to name a few.

Pradeep Debta expressed gratitude to Interview Times for honoring him as the top business leader. With that, he wished all other business leadership award recipient much success.

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