A team was dispatched to remove TMC MP Mahua Moitra from the government house.


Mahua Moitra, a former TMC MP, was ordered to leave the government house by a team.Mahua Moitra, a former MP for the Trinamool Congress, is being evicted from her government house in Delhi by a team dispatched by the Directorate of Estates, according to PTI, which quoted an official. The squad was dispatched the day after the TMC leader received an eviction notice demanding that she leave the residence, which was denied by the Delhi High Court.

According to Justice Girish Kathpalia, no particular rule addressing the removal of Members of Parliament from official housing upon their resignation as legislators has been presented to the court. According to the court, Moitra was given government housing as a condition of her MP position, and because that status ended with her expulsion—which the Supreme Court has not halted—despite the hearing that was provided for her, she no longer has the right to remain in the house.

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