A testimonial on the book Breaking Free Embracing Me

A testimonial on National Award Winner Ramesh Rakshit


This is a Testimonial by National Award winner Ramesh Rakshit. In Bankura, Radhabinodpur Local School is where Ramesh Rakshit finished his education. 1995 Sammilani College, Bankura, BSc in Science completed. From the KG Engineering Institute in Bishnupur, he received his electrical engineering degree in 1998.On September 5, the nation of India observes Teacher’s Day in honour of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishna, the country’s first president. at India, Teachers’ Day is enthusiastically observed at every school, college, and university. Every year, the Indian government recognises exceptional teachers with National Teacher Awards, making this day unique. For their accomplishments in 2023, 50 educators from K–12 institutions, 13 educators from higher education, and 12 educators from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship received awards this year to recognise educators who have improved students’ lives through their devotion and dedication. One of the prestigious people to receive this award was Ramesh Rakshit


” Being a teacher I would applaud the initiative Author Rakhi Kapoor has taken to curate the book , Breaking Free Embracing me . I believe that this  book would touch the live of thousands of people as all the issues that are mentioned are rarely talked about .”Ramesh Rakhshit said that he had immediate connection with the book when he came across the first Chapter “Burst That Balloon”. So many people are living in the cocoon of toxicity and abuse because they are used to it. Kudos to Rakhi Kapoor for bringing out a book where it can be seen , that Abuse is not normal.

There is a beautiful part in the book that points out on “How to get aware of the red flags, in a manipulative and toxic relationship ?”. I have read this book and I would also like to applaud Author Rakhi Kapoor for talking about Generational Trauma. Generational Trauma is really something that almost everybody has experienced from time to time ,however a lot of people have no idea that this is not normal and healing is absolutely necessary.

Emotional Abuse is a very serious topic nowadays , and in the world where everything is done on a superficial basis, Topics like this often becomes neglected . Here is when Authors like Rakhi Kapoor comes with the utter reality in the most understandable , communicative and in a beautiful way possible. ” Breaking Free- Embracing me ” is thus a wonderful book and a magic created by Author Rakhi Kapoor .

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