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About Us

Interview Times has a unique space in Indian Journalism. There was chaos and noise in
competing among media houses regarding TRP’s, yellow journalism, aggressive Journalism
way back ten years.

We took a stand irrespective of TRP’s and played a roller cast ride in pioneering positive
journalism. Since then, although we had a fear of being not accepted by readers, we stand
vindictive today because of a kind and unforgettable response. If there is a talk about positive
journalism, IT stands tall.

About Our Magazine:
Located in Bhubaneshwar, India’s First Interview Magazine, it has a wide readership, not
only in Odisha but across the nation. It has immensely reached the minds and souls of readers
across the country. Apart from that, we also campaign some incredible initiatives such as
inspirational personalities ( award ceremony)-
 Business leadership award
 Awards for content writers
 State Literature festival

We are emerging as one of the vital media houses in Eastern India and committed to even more
vigorous and pioneering journalism.

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