Adenovirus case spike in West Bengal


Health officials in Bengal have been urged to exercise caution after the state saw a sharp increase in viral cases, which caused paediatric wards in both state-run and private hospitals to quickly fill up. According to health experts, the virus has been detected in at least 32% of samples sent to the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (ICMR-NICED) in Kolkata since January.It is a potentially fatal condition that is usually spread through personal contact such as touching, shaking hands, coughing, and sneezing into the air.

As there is no reliable vaccination to prevent these infections, prevention is the key. After a few days, children frequently recover on their own from illnesses. Certain diseases, such as pneumonia or pink eye, can persist for a week or longer. Adenoviruses are medium-sized, non-enveloped viruses that primarily cause the common cold or flu but can also cause a variety of illnesses. About 50 different forms of adenoviruses that can infect people have been discovered by researchers. Although they can happen at any time of year, infections often peak in the winter.Individuals who already have respiratory or cardiac disease or who have compromised immune systems are more likely to suffer from severe adenovirus infection-related illness.


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