Afghan Women : Silent stories of oppressions and tyranny

by Aishwarya Samanta

By Aishwarya Samanta

For Afghan women, expanding power of Taliban is unnerving. Encouraged by their prosperity, absence of opposition by Afghan powers and insignificant international pressure, the Taliban have escalated their brutality. In this perplexing trap of emotions and encounters are entwined relevant inquiries: Is a conflict not too far off? Will the Taliban accomplish government status?

Does the organization plan to stand consistent with its promises of assurance of the rights of the oppressed? Do the women of Afghanistan have security for their well-deserved and hard-earned education and professions? The present moment, the world is seeing women and young girls at the receiving end of Taliban’s regressive decision in Afghanistan. The Taliban has assaulted and killed women who didn’t follow their codes. Taliban is experiencing the regressive thoughts that numerous fundamentalists have.

Yet, this one rings the most intense: Are the international organisations doing what’s necessary for the most vulnerable within the country in crisis? Upsetting reports from the nation over of underage girls being oppressed for marriage, women being sent back from their jobs and checks on girl child education are surfacing. As of now, it appears to be the fanatic principle has started pushing back on the women’ rights their ‘moderate’ speeches guaranteed. In the past few weeks alone, there have been many reports of setbacks and brutality. In the meantime, a huge number of individuals have escaped their homes. The United Nations Refugee Agency says about 80% of the individuals who have escaped since the end of May are women and children.


Do the women of Afghanistan have security for their well-deserved and hard-earned education and professions?

Evil isn’t conceived, it is made. This Taliban directive fills in as a distinct notice of what lies ahead and a cruel token of their severe 1996-2001 regime during which women were exposed to determined human rights violations, denied work and education, compelled to wear the burqa and prohibited from venturing out from home without a male “relative” or mahram.

Regardless of asserting they’ve changed their position on women’ rights, the Taliban’s activities and most recent endeavors to commit a huge number of women to sexual servitude show an incredible inverse. The gains made by Afghan women in the course of recent years, especially in education, work and political cooperation, are under grave danger. Women, youngsters and the minorities will confront phenomenal separation and abuse. This is a humanitarian crisis, a matter of life and death for many. The fortunate ones will escape, take refugee somewhere else, the ones remaining behind will pay with their blood and their future. History will rehash the same thing once more, the rule of dread that was thought to had left behind twenty years prior is back.


This is a humanitarian crisis, a matter of life and death for many.

As modifying endeavors at the grassroots proceed, a class of fearless and vocal Afghan women comprising of educators, activists, specialists and protestors is effectively driving the opposition against this oppressive system. As the Taliban reassert full control over the country, the achievements of the past 20 years, particularly those made to ensure women rights and equality, are in danger if the global community indeed leaves Afghanistan to rot in this hell. Women and are urging for help as the Taliban advance. Nothing should stop social acknowledgment of women dependent on their abilities, inspirations, capacities, and rights under the law.

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