AI Powered Robots deployed by Goa Beaches to save lives


Aurus, a self-driving robot, and Triton, an AI-powered monitoring system, have just been added to the state-appointed lifeguard organisation Drishti Marine’s system to improve its ability to save lives. Since Covid-19 limits were loosened, a surge of domestic and foreign vacationers to Goa’s coastline has caused an increase in occurrences on all of the beaches there. Over 1,000 rescue occurrences have been reported along the coastal area in the previous two years, according to a Drishti Marine representative. This is when Aurus’s self-driving skills come into play. By policing no-swim zones and warning visitors during high tide, it hopes to support lifeguards.

Artificial intelligence-powered robots are made to simplify human life and reduce stress in labor-intensive areas. Both of the AI-monitored camera-based systems can keep an eye on the environment, evaluate and recognise threats, and transmit real-time information with on-duty lifeguards so they can act more quickly to prevent fatal situations.The large coastal area of the state is patrolled by Aurus, which was created by Drishti Works, a part of Drishti. The new component will assist in enhancing beach crowd control and surveillance. Aurus is a self-driving robot designed to help lifeguards by monitoring large no-swim zones and warning visitors when the tide is high.

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