Alien Planets found outside Solar System

by Subhechcha Ganguly

We look up to the stars, moon, and sun with the dual goals of admiring their beauty and learning more about these celestial bodies because we have never been content to merely walk on the ground. International astronomers have been searching for unusual planets outside of our Solar System where mankind might one day advance. This year, 5,000 alien worlds were officially confirmed after 30 years of exoplanet discovery.

Over 200 extrasolar planets have been discovered by astronomers, and some of them are ready for further study by the James Webb Space Telescope and other telescopes. “Less than 5,000 exoplanets had been confirmed when the year began. 5,235 planets are known as of the end. Earth and Mars are rocky planets that make up about 4% of the solar system. What surprises will the new year hold? farther worlds!” In a tweet, NASA stated.Until date, the exoplanet catalogues have a wide variety of worlds based on their traits and make-up. Gas giants, rocky worlds resembling Earth, and extremely hot masses resembling Jupiter are some of these worlds.

Not to be overlooked, the list also includes “super-Earths.” These might be larger rocky bodies than our own. The list also includes “mini- Neptunes,” as well. These are smaller versions of our solar system’s Neptune.

While water hasn’t been directly observed, scientists have concluded that a sizeable portion of the planets’ volume—up to half of it—should be composed of substances that are lighter than rock but heavier than hydrogen or helium.
In 2023, there is still a good chance that astronomers may locate a habitable planet that orbits a star similar to our Sun.

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