All you need to know about Binge Watching


The term “binge watching” refers to watching multiple episodes of a single television or movie series in a row. Prior to the advent of streaming services, binge watching was typically limited to network marathons or individuals purchasing or renting seasons of TV shows or movies.

Binge watching was, for the most part, the exception rather than the rule. It frequently required planning on the part of the viewer, which was uncommon given the costs and energy required to make it happen.

Netflix has earned the title of “home of binge watchers” as a result of multiple strategic moves it has decided to make to secure industry dominance. Traditionally, television networks broadcast holiday marathons with advertisements interspersed between episodes. The subscription-based streaming model eliminated advertisements and allowed users to pause TV shows, increasing flexibility and control while significantly reducing the time investment required to complete serial programmes.

  1. The Advantages of Binge Watching 1.Download: That’s right, certain Netflix titles can be downloaded (while connected to the internet) on the app and enjoyed wherever you and your tablet or phone are.

2.Flix Assist: The Chrome extension Flix Assist prevents Netflix from asking you if you’re still watching if you’re still watching.

3.Sit comfortably: Use ergonomics in your home theatre seating to ensure you’re physically comfortable throughout your bingeing session.

4..Snack well: Snacking well is an important part of bingeing without feeling terrible afterwards. Instead of chips and dip, try veggies with a greek yoghurt ranch dip or fruit with a vanilla yoghurt dip.

5.Avoid buffering: Whether you’re watching Hulu or Netflix, there are some steps you can take to reduce the amount of time you spend waiting for your video to buffer. It is critical to ensure that all background downloads have been paused and that you have recently cleared your cache and cookies. Furthermore, your internet speed, the popularity of the time you choose to stream, and the size of the buffer you allow to load before viewing are all important considerations.

 Disadvantages of binge watching:

1. It may cause you to feel lonely.

When you need a break from the world, binge watching is a great way to unwind and disconnect. According to Dr. Kapoor, however, binge-watching a show can make you feel isolated. It is a phenomenon that can make it more difficult to socialise in person in your spare time. As a result, you may find yourself estranged from family and friends.

2. Problems with cognition

Long periods of time spent in front of a mobile phone screen and passively consuming content may increase the risk of cognitive decline. This can cause fatigue for several days and impair your ability to process and think about new information.


Binge-watching has both advantages and disadvantages. Binge-watching can be enjoyable on occasion if done in moderation.

We can use it to help our health, and we don’t have to give up our favourite characters and shows, but if you find yourself never leaving the house, you should consider cancelling your Netflix subscription.


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