Alleged safety failings in the Gujarat boat disaster: “No life jackets, no rescuers”


According to a home department statement, the collector has been instructed to carry out a thorough investigation into the events and factors that contributed to the catastrophe.On Thursday night, a boat sank on Gujarat’s Harni Lake, outside the city of Vadodara, killing twelve pupils and two professors. The victims were on the unfortunate boat with a total of 29 people.Almost twice as many people as the boat’s stated capacity—14—were packed onto it. Serious concerns have been expressed over the preparedness and compliance with safety standards at the well-liked recreational spot due to the purported shortage of life jackets and the absence of personnel assigned to rescue operations.

Prominent social activist Atul Gamechi expressed shock at the sad incident and accused several safety measures of failing. “The city of Vadodara is very saddened by this occurrence. Despite the boat’s 14-person capacity, 27 passengers were forced to sit in it. In a perfect world, the boat would have had two rescuers, but there were none. Furthermore, no life jackets were given. This area lacks CCTV cameras. Gamechi demanded responsibility, saying, “The contractor and the Vadodara Municipal Corporation are involved in corruption.”

The district collector of Vadodara has been instructed to provide a thorough inquiry report to the Gujarat government within ten days of the incident, as part of a high-level investigation into the tragedy. The investigation’s goals are to pinpoint the events and causes of the catastrophe, evaluate any possible negligence, and recommend actions to stop future occurrences of this kind.Two people have been arrested in relation to the case thus far, and a FIR (First Information Report) has been filed under sections 308 (attempt to commit culpable homicide) and 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of the Indian Penal Code.

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