Home Covid Times Amit Shah admitted to AIIMS for post covid care

Amit Shah admitted to AIIMS for post covid care

Amit Shah admitted to AIIMS for post covid care
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Amit Shah had been tested positive for Covid-19 around the staring of this month. After proper care and treatment , he was tested negative on August 14th and was sent back to home isolation. He has now been admitted to AIIMS for the post Covid care. He is comfortable and continuing his work from the hospital.

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah complained about a distinct pain, fatigue and body ache. He was immediately rushed into the AIIMS hospital where he has been taken care of and all the work has been carried forward from the hospital room. He had recently hoisted the national flag on Independence day. The doctors had then advised him to stay in home isolation.

In the last 24 hours , there has been a rising case of 55,079 and 876 deaths, the total number of corona virus case has now increased to nearly 27 lakh with 20 lakh recoveries, 51,797 deaths and around 6 lakh active cases as examined by the Indian Council of Medical Research.

As the Parliament’s monsoon season is going to begin from the first week of September, it is unlikely to see both the houses assembling due to the coronavirus pandemic. A new sitting arrangement has been planned based upon the social distancing and other measures to cut the spread of Covid-19.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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