Ancient Temple remains discovered at Ram Mandir’s site Ayodhya


Archaeologists have found a number of idols and pillars as well as other pieces of an old temple at the Ayodhya Ram Mandir site, where excavation work is still ongoing.
The Ram temple trust’s general secretary, Champat Rai, has supplied details regarding this finding. He said that the main components of the discoveries include pillars and idols from the old temple.Champat Rai, who is also the international vice president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), posted a photo of some pillars and pieces of finely carved statues made from large stones. The details of the precise era and dynasty to which this ancient temple belonged are, however, scarcely known.

In another instance, after the guards discovered an idol of Vagdevi (goddess Saraswati) inside the 11th-century structure, security was increased at Bhojshala and Kamal Maula’s mosque in Madhya Pradesh’s Dhar region.Leading Hindu figures like Ashok Jain and Gopal Sharma have claimed that the Saraswati idol first appeared on the disputed Bhojshala grounds and was then taken away by the local administration and law enforcement officials.The sacred place of Bhojshala has been a source of contention between the Muslim and Hindu populations.



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