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Apparel makes you elegant, not the colour complexion

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Fashion industry is considered as the glamorous industry. It is an industry where fair skin and gorgeous looks matter a lot. But, 25-year-old Jeet Jagjit Padhi, a topper from National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), who is working as a fashion designer in ollywood, proved that Apparel makes a person elegant, not the colour complexion by his released content jashn-a-jeet. In this content he showed that beauty is just not a fair colour, it has so many different flavours and shades. 

He Worked in more than 45 Odia movies and earned recognition for his creativity. Among the applause those came to on his way includes Zee Sarthak Awards and Odisha Fashion villa Best Creative Designer Award.

Apparel makes you elegant, not the colour complexion 1

Why did you choose to become a fashion designer?

Since my childhood days I have been very fond of wearing well-designed costumes. I never liked wearing sewn clothes. That is why I always used to design my clothes with my choice of colour combination and designs. Sometimes I used to sit whole night with the tailor just to make them perfect. 

When I completed my board, I was the designer of one of my friend’s clothes, who was a participant of the ‘voice of odisha’ program. As I had a good sense of fashion, everyone liked it. After that I also designed clothes of some other contestants. Since that time, the industry knows that I am very interested in fashion designing.  After graduation, I took admission in NIFT. Then from 2016, I started fashion designing professionally. Initially I designed costumes for the participants for the shows like Gita Gaa Tanka Nia (Tarang channel) and Jagriti (otv). After that I started designing costumes for the odia film stars in the movies. Some of the movies include Love Pain Kuch Bhi Karega, Tu Mo Love Story, Abhaya, Romeo Juliet, Hero no. 1 and Prem Kumar.

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What is fashion for you?

Fashion is my passion, so I made it my profession. I can say that fashion is all about looking stylish.

Is fashion only for those who have fair skin?

I never think so. It is just a cup of tea for a fashion designer to dress Fair Skinny Beautiful Girl. It is a challenge when you dress a girl with dusky skin. Look I’m not saying that they are not beautiful. Everyone is beautiful, and I am also against changing skin color by doing makeup. It is necessary for a designer to know which color combination of fabrics will suit their natural skin color.

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Do you think that it is essential to pursue a fashion designing course to become a good fashion designer?

To be a fashion designer, one must have good fashion knowledge, color combination ideas and a sense of fabric merger, which only degree holders can do. But in addition to degree holders, an experienced tailor master can also be a good fashion designer. Because, they also possess some basic ideas on designing.

What would you suggest to aspiring  fashion designers?

I would suggest them not to come here with the intention of becoming famous and get some publicity by clicking photos with film stars. If you want to make a career as a fashion designer, then ignite the fire of passion within yourself. Essential basic things that they need to know are some basic fashion knowledge and information about famous fashion designers. Art is another essential thing for every fashion designer because without it, one can’t do makeup of models or sketch of designs. To make anyone stylish, you need to be stylish. Although you do not need to buy an expensive dress for this, you can also become stylish wearing dresses those are sold at Rs 100.

Where do you want to see the fashion of the Odia industry in the next year?

Odia fashion industry has improved a lot. But there are still some designs of Odisha that have not been explored yet. It’s my dream to highlight it in an international platform. Ikat, Berhampuri Silk, Pipli Chandua, Khadi fabric and some other design patterns of Odisha are really great so I will use them to make Odisha fashion famous. In addition, I will use the design of the Patta chitra to make my fashion designing at international level.

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Did the covid-19 bring changes in you?

The covid-19 epidemic brought a positive change in me. The Covid-19 facilitated me with the opportunity to  spend a lot of time with my family. It is not a matter of loss in business; I will recover it over the time. Through this, I got some time to do my personal work. During this lock-down period, I have made two content videos, one Jashn-e-Jeet and the other UDAN. The first one has already been released and the second one will be released soon. I want to show complete freedom in Udan content. The concept of this content is that we need to fly high by crossing every crest and trough of life

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