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Apple became the most valuable tech company in the world

Apple became the most valuable tech company in the world
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From starting the company in the garage in Los Altos, California to the biggest most profitable tech company with its world-class devices, services and ethos interwoven in modern life. Amazon and Microsoft still stand at a boast capitalization of $1.3 trillion each and Google stands at $1 trillion. Apple crosses them by making a capitalization of $ 2 trillion.

“It’s a poll position in investors mind. When you cross the milestone first, it’s a signal of leadership,” said Gene Munster, Loup Ventures founder and former top tech stock analyst.

Tim Cook took over the company after Steve Jobs ended it reign as a co-founder in 2011. Apple’s $2 trillion valuation represents about 10 % of GDP of US while 7 % of S&P. The company’s revolution ushered in the personal computer and its iPhone has been ubiquitous. Its eco system has been self sustaining.

The rise of Apple began with the innovation and the new products launch starting from iPhone to iPad and then ht Apple watch. Apple has always been loyal to its customers and always has an eye for creative upgrades.

Apple’s Growth

With the growth in creative designs and innovation, Apple will continue to grow and there will be heightened demand for its products. The increasing cash flow, pricing and profit margins have now lead to rise in the stock price simultaneously allowing Apple to return its capital to shareholders. A chain continues with a Profit bound by some rapid loss compensated at times of need.

The strength of US dollars against the Euro and other currencies makes the US more money overseas. Apple’s share closed up today with 10.47% trailing at $1.76 trillion beating the Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest producer of oil. Apple had also announced a 4-for-1 stock pit.

At the end, People are becoming more and more dependent on Apple products for the reliant blend of interconnected Apple services such as iCloud, Photos , music etc. The idea had always been to buy low and sell high.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

Image Source: Google

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