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Apple iPhone 11 manufacturing begins in India

Apple iPhone 11 manufacturing begins in India

Apple’s contract manufacturing partner Foxconn has already started manufacturing and assembling latest generation iPhone units. A small lot of locally made units have already started to distribute in the market yet the production is currently limited said an anonymous person.

The local production of the iPhone 11 units implicates that Apple’s further commitment to India. Apple has now starting to cut its dependency on China, which is quite known to produce a vast majority of iPhone units till date.

Another Apple’s contract manufacturing partner, Taiwan’s Wistron, first began assembling older iPhone models in 2017. But until now, Apple has not been able to have an assembly partner to produce the current generation iPhone model in India.

Wistron, which was locally assembling older iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 models in the past in its Bangalore plant, currently works for assembly of iPhone XR units in India. Apple discontinued the local production of iPhone SE and iPhone 6s last year, the anonymous person said.

Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, tweeted on Friday that Apple had begun assembling iPhone 11 models in India. However, Apple did not comment on this story.

Apple has been begun to explore ways to gear up its production in India for years, but the company has struggled to find contract manufacturers that cling to its safety and quality standards.

Foxconn, which stands one amongst India as one of its biggest markets, plans to invest $1 billion in its potency in the country. According to the report of Reuters in June this year Delhi also announced a $6.6 billion plan to allure top smartphone manufacturers.

Apple has started planning to launch its online store in India and open its first offline retail store next year, which the chief executive Tim Cook announced earlier this year. The online store’s launch in India remains on track despite the pandemic.

Written By Prabhudarshan Samal

Image source: Google

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