Ardent Steel owns the most important Environmental Clearance

Chairman - Ardent steel , Dr. Shubhashis Das

M/S Ardent Steel Limited, located in Phuljhar in the Banspal block of the Keonjhar district, has provided the Central Government’s Ministry of Forests, Environment and Climate Change with an Environmental Clearance, or EC.

The plant was earlier a pellet plant with a capacity of 0.85 MTPA, now its annual production capacity has increased from 0.85 million tonnes to 1.70 million tonnes. In addition , 3.00 MTP Iron ore Beneficiation Plant , 0.60 MTP Pig Iron Blast Furnace, 0.36 MTP DRI , 0.60 MTP Sinter Plant , 0.72 MTP 17/10/2020 for setting up own power plant of TPA SMS/ ARC Furnace (ZPF), 0.70m TPA Rolling/ Hot Strip Mill and CPP (WHRB – 35MW  ; AFBC – 35 MW ) Environment Approved.


The new project’s approval will result in a large increase in employment throughout the Keonjhar district, including the neighbourhood. As of February 28, 2019, there was broad public support for the genocide. The factory’s entire time director Dr. Subhasish Das praised the Keonjhar District Magistrate, all of the officers, and all of the employees, as well as the stakeholders, locals, and impacted individuals, after gaining the environmental clearance.

” If this project is completed , the employment opportunities of the local area will be increased and the group’s social responsibility program will be taken up for environment improvement”,Dr. Subhasish Das , a full time director of Ardent Steel Plant stated .


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