Arijit Singh’s concert ticket price hikes to 1.6 million


Nowadays, it’s practically impossible for a popular Bollywood film to release without featuring an Arijit Singh song, and as we all know, concerts are the best way to capitalise on this. Following COVID, the Indian youth has developed a vibrant festival mania that is driving up ticket prices for everyone.

For Arijit’s concert at Pune’s The Mills in January of next year, prices for the premium lounges in the arena go up to an astounding Rs 16 lakh, while prices for the Early Bird section, a standing area, start at Rs 999.According to the ticket ordering website, the premium lounge 1 can accommodate 40 chairs and can be reserved for Rs 16 lakh. Unlimited food and quality alcohol would be available. For the attendees, there would also be an entrée, a main course, and a dessert.

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