Arvind Kejriwal appeals to the Supreme Court about an arrest in a matter involving liquor policy


The Delhi High Court rejected his plea on Tuesday, ruling that his arrest in the money laundering case was lawful.In an attempt to overturn the Delhi High Court’s decision to deny his appeal against his detention in the Delhi excise policy case, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has filed a complaint before the Supreme Court.”We have contested Arvind Kejriwal’s unlawful arrest. In its ruling, the High Court stated that they had the authority to make an arrest and that the remand order was lawful.

“The court went on to say that it believes the accused has been detained and that his detention and remand should be reviewed in accordance with the law, not in relation to when the elections are taking place. In the lack of any malice on the side of the ED, Kejriwal’s appeal to the timing of the arrest prior to the general elections is unsustainable, the court had declared.
Leader of the AAP Saurabh Bharadwaj had stated that his group would appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court because it disagreed with it.

“Considering everything that has transpired thus far in the so-called Excise Policy case, it can be concluded that the case is not about money laundering at all, but rather it is the largest political conspiracy in the nation, with a major plot to assassinate the chief minister, who has garnered the most votes in comparison to other states. Although crores have been mentioned up to this point, the ED and CBI have not found a single illicit rupee. This calls into serious doubt the investigation,” he remarked.


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