Atiq Ahmad, one of 6 alleged killers in the murder of Umesh Pal, was executed in 50 days


Six suspects have been murdered thus far after Umesh Pal and two police officers were killed in Prayagraj, with Atiq Ahmad and Ashraf being shot dead on Saturday.Six suspects have died since the killings of lawyer Umesh Pal and two police officers in Uttar Pradesh on February 24. On Saturday night in Prayagraj, gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmad and his brother Ashraf Ahmad were shot dead at close range by three men.

Outside of Raju Pal’s Dhoomanganj home, two police security officers and Umesh Pal, a crucial witness in the murder investigation, were shot and killed. A case was filed on February 25 against Atiq, Ashraf, Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen, two kids, assistants Guddu Muslim and Ghulam, and nine other people based on a complaint made by Umesh Pal’s wife Jaya Pal.While Shaista Parveen is on the run with a reward of 50,000, her two boys, Umar and Ali, are being held in custody at the Children Protection Home under police observation.

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