Friday, March 5, 2021
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‘Parichaya’ turns saviour for mentally distress

According to Union ministry statistics, there are 15,05,624  mentally ill people in the country, and many of them are homeless. Most of the time...

Mother of many distressed souls

Along with experiences, old age brings a lot of challenges in life. But at the time when they need utmost care, instead of taking...

Education leads you from darkness to light, Tulasi Munda

Padma Shri Tulasi Munda (born 15 July 1947) believes that lack of education leads to unemployment, superstition, slavery, starvation and many more. “If you are...

Twitter, the best platform for social media activism

In recent years, social media is being widely used as a tool for addressing social problems. Social media users utilize Twitter's hashtags for Internet...

Apparel makes you elegant, not the colour complexion

Fashion industry is considered as the glamorous industry. It is an industry where fair skin and gorgeous looks matter a lot. But, 25-year-old Jeet...

Hunger force them for reverse migration

Hunger that compelled them to flee their work place again forced them to return to the place, they had left in disappointment and anguish. During...

Crematorium staff members yet to get ‘Covid warrior’ tag

The whole world is currently going under a terrible phase of pandemic. Many countries have been badly affected and disappointing pictures of people dying...

Passion to serve humanity made a ‘home maker’ an ‘activist’

A homemaker is a woman who takes all the responsibilities of family. She manages her family, takes cares of her children, cooks for the...

Unlock education for school students in lock-down

A nationwide lock-down had been imposed by the government of India On 24 March 2020 to control the spread of corona virus. Due to...
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