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Baked Infinite, a home bakery in Bhubaneswar

Offers its support for Umeedein Foundation’s cancer warrior children and their families. This year’s International Childhood Cancer Day’s key message is “Better Survival is Achievable #ThroughTheirHands.” In the same spirit, Baked Infinite, a Bhubaneswar-based home bakery, made a step towards helping the community by expressing support for the Umeedein Foundation, which works to sustain the lives of fighting children, as well as their parents and carers.

Apart from meeting and conversing with the Chairman of Umeedein, Nitai G Panigrahi, co-founder Saurajit Sahoo, and many others, Saranya Mishra, creator of Baked Infinite, presented cupcake gifts to roughly 15 children at the foundation’s Seva home.

“Baked Infinite

It is a product of my simple enthusiasm for baking, and I consider it an honour,” Saranya stated when questioned about her desire to carry out such an act. I am also aware that there is a segment of society that is unable to translate their enthusiasm into anything like what I have done.

This is where I want to come in and make a modest contribution to society.” “Likewise, I chose to take my first step in paying respect to the cancer-affected children, their families” .  And receiving this chance at Umeedein would have been the best decision.”

Mr. Nitai expressed his thoughts on , “These days, many new businesses are starting up by young dynamic individuals, and we feel they have a real desire in giving back to society by helping the less affluent.”

They require assistance in reaching a greater number of individuals for cancer awareness and other support for our purpose.” “Our objectives have always been rooted to creating awareness to recognise early signs and symptoms of cancer through a model-based awareness programme and consequently providing handholding support and guidance on accessible treatment centres & available support sources for cancer care,” he said of the organization’s goals.

It is extremely heartwarming to see the children, their parents, and carers have a broad welcome grin during the visit.  which throws light on the significant amount of effort that the foundation undertakes each day to ensure their Umeedein is lit throughout the treatment process


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