Bengal Art Conference welcomes wonderful artists from across the globe


The Cultural and ethnic land of Bengal has always given rise to several artists ,painters , distinguished talents and philosophers. Here we have an extraordinary talent with us Riddhima sen who has represented art in the most unique way.

Riddhima is a wonderful writer and has written on several topics that holds massive importance . Apart from that she is a wonderful painter too. Her paintings has been represented in the Bengal Art Conference .The paintings are also selected in the Top 50’s . Let us have a brief look at her paintings .

One of the most authentic and beautiful paintings of her is this. It is the picture of a little girl drawn from the inspiration of Goddess Kali , the complexion of her in blue represents the Shyam Varna of Kali .This is one of the most beautiful paintings of Riddhima.



Coming next we have this beautiful abstract which is a colourful illustration of human life in wonderful bright colours. Its shows the message “Life is not just black and white ,its a mix of various emotions and colours and all these are important in life”. An abstract is a painting , the meaning of which can be derrived in several ways . We congratulate Riddhima for being selected amongst the Top 30 Painters . This is a wonderful initiative by her.

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