Bijan Barik: Crafting a Fitness Empire

Bijan Barik, a multi-talented individual with a background in software, has taken the fitness world by storm as an entrepreneur


 Bijan Barik, a multi-talented individual with a background in software, has taken the fitness world by storm as an entrepreneur, fitness influencer, and the proud owner of All Time Fitness (ATF).  It is a fitness centre known for its innovation and comprehensive range of offerings. From creating workout experiences to promoting fitness as a way of life, Bijan’s endeavours have made a lasting impact on the fitness community in Odisha.

Bijan’s journey began with academic excellence, earning his B. Tech degree from Rajdhani Engineering College (REC), Bhubaneswar, in 2011. Despite having a campus placement offer at Tejas Electricals within the next six months, he decided to make the most of the six-month gap. During this time, he explored the business world while his parents returned to their hometown, Balasore after his father’s retirement.

Bijan had such a voracious appetite for knowledge that he worked three jobs at once so that he could study the ins and outs of running a business from the ground up. During his job in a college, he realized the immense potential for knowledge and skills in the field. He committed to becoming the greatest employee, constantly aiming for perfection. He firmly believed in the mantra, “Only a good employee can become a great future boss.”

His initial foray into business was a smashing success in the field of research journals and conferences. By leveraging his competitors’ loopholes, he established a dominant position in the market and ensured that his business would thrive without any significant competition.

The inception of All Time Fitness came from a personal desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Bijan’s background in software and long hours of work made him realize the importance of regular exercise. Upon returning from Dubai, he was inspired by the well-maintained gyms he had experienced there. Determined to provide similar facilities and high quality training in Odisha, he took it upon himself to create ATF.

ATF’s unique approach to fitness is its USP. Segregated floors for different exercise types, 24/7 accessibility, outdoor workout spaces, and an array of fitness activities like cross fit, military training, Pilates, and yoga, set ATF apart from conventional gyms. Bijan’s vision was to create a fitness ecosystem where people could find solutions to all their health and wellness needs under one roof.

ATF’s influence extended beyond the gym, as Bijan and his team focused on promoting fitness as a lifestyle. They organized fitness competitions, Zumba, aerobics, yoga, and MMA training, providing a one-stop solution for fitness enthusiasts. The ATF app offered BMI calculators, diet plans, and fitness tips, ensuring members had the resources needed to embark on their fitness journeys confidently.

The ATF journey has not been without challenges. A fire incident at the Jagamara branch brought forth a significant setback. However, Bijan turned adversity into an opportunity to prove his resilience and dedication to his dream. With unwavering determination, he emerged stronger, opening ATF’s doors once again, promising a gym experience that would exceed all expectations.

In addition to his passion for fitness, Bijan actively promotes the cause of kickboxing in Odisha. He felicitates athletes and actively engages in events to promote this sport across the state. Furthermore, his upcoming collaboration with the government near Kalinga Stadium to provide world-class gym facilities for athletes showcases his commitment to empowering the sports community. Beyond his fitness endeavours, Bijan finds solace in riding, biking, and nurturing his car collection.

Bijan emphasizes that fitness is not just about physical training; it is a way of life. He encourages people to approach fitness as a lifestyle and to create a daily routine that suits their personal preferences. Bijan Barik’s ATF is more than just a gym; it is a testament to his passion, resilience, and ambition to create a healthier and fitter Odisha. As he continues to inspire countless individuals on their fitness journeys, Bijan’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to the well-being of the community shine for a brighter, healthier future.


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