Border crossing of illegal weapons: India’s covert UNSC war on Pakistan


It is impossible to ignore the export of weapons and military hardware in defiance of international law, according to Kamboj. Ruchira Kamboj, the permanent representative of India to the UN, claimed that India was facing a “severe threat” from the use of drones to transport illegal weapons across international borders.Kamboj asserted that “certain states with dubious proliferation credentials” that collaborate with terrorists should be held accountable for their “misdeeds” during the UN Security Council’s open discussion on “Threats to International Peace and Security Risks Stemming from Violations of Agreements Regulating the Exports of Weapons and Military Equipments” on Monday. She continued, “It is impossible to overlook the transfer of weapons and military hardware in defiance of international law and the escalation of geopolitical tensions.

When “some governments with dubious proliferation credentials, in view of their disguised proliferation networks and fraudulent procurement procedures of sensitive products and technologies, combine with terrorists and other non-state actors,” according to Kamboj, these concerns become more serious. For instance, Kamboj noted that the quantity and calibre of small weaponry acquired by terrorist organisations have increased, serving as a constant reminder that such organisations require the sponsorship or backing of States in order to function.

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