BORN TO LEAD AMONG WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS- Preeti Patnaik, Operational Head- Tushi Motors



In today’s world, women are coming out and breaking barriers in their respective fields, despite tough experiences and circumstances. Here is another fascinating roller-coaster ride success story of a woman, who earned her good fortune through sheer perseverance–Preeti Patnaik, the Managing Director of Tushi Motors.


Preeti carried an entrepreneurial streak right from her adolescence. Armed with a business management degree from a reputed institute in Bangalore, then was selected by the Taj Group of hotels where she managed a portfolio of more than 200 companies like Bosch, Viacon, Mindtree, etc. She also brought upscale businesses like the OSAA clothing line and the Farah Khan jewelry display.

Preeti comes from one of the leading industrial business houses in Odisha, but she also wanted to do something on her own. Her husband Anshuman sincerely encouraged her to get her own business experience by running the Maruti Suzuki franchise Tushi Motors, based in Cuttack. Preeti, a hands-on businesswoman, currently manages all marketing initiatives and used also oversees sales being the Operation Head. She steered her business through the enormous challenges of the global pandemic and government-mandated shutdowns that shuttered many businesses in the country. Ultimately, Maruti Suzuki acknowledged Tushi Motors’ phenomenal performance. Preeti has recently announced, as part of her expansion plans, a NEXA showroom in Bhubaneswar.


Everyone understands the potential of Odisha’s fast-growing market, which spans not only the automotive sector but also all other lucrative industries. Odisha has attracted investors’ attention. One may compare and discover that Bhubaneswar’s real estate values are among the highest, after those of Bombay or Delhi. There is potential for expansion in the automotive industry due to rising per capita income and standard of living.


A few entrepreneurial women came up with the idea of a women’s business mela. They had little idea that this project would garner instant national attention. Preeti, who happened to be one of the women leading the project, believes it was a bigger triumph than expected. The mela demonstrated to Odisha and the world at large that women can come together to organize events at scale. First-timers could pull off a major event without a hitch, overcoming many hurdles such as skeptical sponsors.


Preeti is also the prime owner of Reform Pilates, Odisha’s first Pilates studio. She also serves as a director for the Koraput-based Kalinga Desi Agro Foundation, a non-profit corporation—where she is leading a team that aims to expand the state’s fledgling coffee industry. Earlier, coffee from Odisha used to travel to Chikkamagaluru to be combined, where it would be labeled as South Indian coffee. Expectedly, no one was aware of Koraput coffee as a distinct variant. Preeti and her team currently run a consulting company that is helping coffee farmers create a brand that is distinctly from Odisha. The coffee is roasted by Blue Tokai—the best in the business. Odisha is starting to make a name for itself in coffee, while poor farmers in the southern district of Koraput are seeing incomes rise.


Preeti acknowledges that the past two years have been good for her. She is also hopeful that her team can increase the market share of Maruti Nexa by at least three percent and move it up a notch. She is slowly and steadily creating a coffee brand that is already getting noticed across the country. People are starting to realize Odisha is also a producer of high-quality coffee. Preeti welcomes the upcoming years as decisive times for her growth and that of her business, an arc she hopes will also impact the Odisha business story.

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