“Breaking the Barriers

Rising Female Sports Anchor Takes the Industry by Storm"


In the recent years, there has been a growing number of female sports hosts breaking into the industry, which has traditionally been dominated by male hosts.

This shift has been partly due to increasing  demand for more diverse voices in sports media and the recognition of the valuable perspectives that women can bring to the conversation.

One of them is  Pramita Mohapatra, who has taken the industry by storm being  choosen as a commentator  of a national leading media platform for anchoring IPL , which is  the biggest sports event  sports event in recent time. All thanks to her clever mind because of which she understood  the game by length and  breadth. And this is what made her much  confident to  deliver her  responsibilities in a much better manner  . she has excellent communication and interviewing skills, as well as a deep understanding of the audience she is speaking to,

she has years of experience in marketing, digital marketing, and moderating; she has collaborated with 250 national and international brands.

She was the official hockey world cup presenter. She is a tedx speaker, she has gallarous  awarded the kalinga samman, and is now the official ipl presenter at cricketcult.

How did you begin your career as a host and how did you enter the hosting industry?

I am a communication and public relations student pursuing my master’s degree in Mumbai at the time, and I was frequently contacted for public relations activities and interview sessions.

So just before lockdown, I recalled that the khelo india university game was taking place, that I was interning, and that I was doing influencer marketing at the same time .

During that time, DNA called me to their office to host khelo india , but I had never hosted a show before and I was thinking how to do it .Nothing that I was aware of, and I’m required to report at 5:30 a.m. and get started. I recall making a few mistakes during the host on my first attempt.

And i have covered a long journey because they wanted me to cover  kabaddi, hockey and swimming during khelo india . And that time I was 21 years old. Thus, my journey began at that time and has continued until the present day.

Was being a host something you intended, or did it just kind of happen to you?

So, since childhood, I’ve participated actively in MUNS, debates, and other competitions, for which I’ve won numerous state and national awards.

As a result, I’m very comfortable with public speaking and have no nerves while doing it. However, I never intended to become a professional anchor, host, or presenter; it just happened.

How you handle a situation in which you have no script and have to host an event without delay without one.

Initially, I was a little confused because when you don’t have the script before the event, there are many topics that come to mind, and you have to figure out how to handle them and keep the focus on the event .

But if they don’t provide you with a script or anything else, my suggestion is to do a bit of research. That’s what I do, even if they don’t give me their script: I take a few minutes to do research and get ready with confidence.

Over time, I’ve learned that even if they give you their script, you should still do research and prepare for it.

How did you get the opportunity to perform analysis for cricket cult during this IPL season?

I got an audition for the IPL while hosting the Hockey World Cup, and I still recall that at the time, I knew nothing about cricket.

However, I did know a few facts about the sport, so the first audition didn’t take place. Later, I was given the opportunity to host a national tournament in keunjhar for ten days, and it was there that I learned a lot about sports.

As a result, I started getting calls from casting directors, and one of them was from a cricket cult official, So fortunately the hockey world was a start because when you go to the hockey world cup you get  star sports exposure, you have DNA exposure there, and then you are trained.

Now that I have had this experience, and now I am loving sports because they teach you discipline and there is an adrenaline rush when hosting the sporting event.

When you first started working in the sports hosting industry, what was the environment there like?

I think Sports is more of a male-dominated society, I am not saying it a stereotype out there

I felt something beyond but you need belief and confidence because you’ll face challenges because at point of time you think you are better but some other get the chance , you can’t even imagine.

However, I’ve learned that if you’re skilled enough, nothing can stop you, so it’s all about hard work and the lessons you learn along the way.

What do you enjoy most about being a presenter and hosting events?

Always, people tell me that I am a cheerful, free-flowing person; on stage and in hosting, you need a sense of humour to captivate an audience and avoid being monotonous.

As a result, I let my emotions flow freely, and my audience remains amused. The most important aspect of greeting is making guests chuckle and appreciate every moment of the event.

How do you conceal a blunder you committed during the event?

I’ll tell you about a time when I made a mistake at an event. It was 10:30 p.m. and we were about to break for dinner, but I said, “Let’s break for lunch.

” Many people were staring at me, so I covered it up by saying, “I didn’t have lunch, so I’ll have lunch and dinner, and you guys can have your dinner.

“Consequently, you will benefit from having a sense of humor that is appropriate to the situation.

In this society of stereotypes, there are many unethical practises and occurrences; how do you deal with it?

It is difficult, and you are aware of how the industry operates, so I am able to boldly point this out. I do not engage in any of this, nor do

I accept favors from anyone operating in an unethical manner, because you will be confronted with this in the marketplace. However, if your values and ethics are solid, you will state “no” unequivocally if you encounter a similar circumstance.

As a youthful influencer, what advice would you give to individuals who are entering the influencer field or a new field and seeking success?

i will tell you that i began my journey when i was 16, so i struggled a lot. i am now 25, so it has been a 9-year journey. so many people out there are always in a rush, there is a madness out there for success,

so in this process many people don’t focus on the things they need to learn during the process and the right people they need to meet.

And after reaching a destination, don’t let your vanity overcome you; instead, be as humble as the straightforward person you are. Additionally, don’t hurry and communicate with others at the appropriate moment.

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