Breaking Down the Barriers- Ms. Jhilik Bhatacharjee, Founder- Jhilik Motion Pictures



Women are the movers and shakers of society, defining success differently. They are captivating, clear headed and a thinking lot. Here is a story of an inspirational woman, an actor tuned producer who has carved a niche for herself in the film industry. She dons multiple hats – as actor, producer, wife, mother, family woman and daughter. This confident woman has worked hard to establish herself in all facets of her career. Ms. Jhilik Bhattacharjee is a woman of amazing talent, diversity and intelligence.

Jhilik was born and raised in West Bengal and always wanted to pursue a career in entertainment. She is a trained Bharat Natyam and Kathak dancer. She also learnt modern dance at the Shiamak Davar Dance Institute. In her younger days, she also worked as an assistant director for Mani Rathnam. Bhattacharjee started her career with the Bengali film ‘Tomaye Bhalo Bashi’. Her other Bengali flicks include ‘Classmate’, ‘Identity’, ‘Neel Lohit’, and ‘Encounter’. She made her debut in Odia films in 2013 with the film ‘Target’. Among her other Odia flicks are ‘Akhire Akhire’, ‘Lekhu Lekhu Lekhi Deli’, ‘Super Michhua’, ‘Zabardast Premika’, and ‘Love You Hamesha’.

Jhilik has always been an artist who has gone beyond her own professional career to take everyone else with her. Her commitment to the industry is total. She firmly believes that creative people should never be – or made to feel – abandoned. That is why she went out of her way to care for those who needed help and support during the prolonged lockdown forced by Covid -19 that hit the industry really hard. It was during this difficult period that she turned producer with her production house ‘Jhilik Motion Pictures’ to provide work to her out-of-work colleagues in the industry even as she did everything she could to help others in distress.

“After the pandemic, everything looked out of sync. Full theatres became a rarity. People’s preferences and fashions have evolved when it comes to movies. Even Hollywood underwent a tremendous transformation as a result of the shutdown of movie theatres”, says Bhattacharjee.

Jhilik launched her first movie under her banner, ‘Rudrani’, and the public simply lapped it up. The team tried to tell the audience engaging stories they can identify with. Her second offering was ‘Kiss Miss’, a tender love story starring Swaraj and Shivani. As a producer, she has always believed in identifying and promoting newcomers. On the sets, she plays the quintessential mother, supervising all activities, from looking after the spot boys to the artists. Jhilik states, “I have had times in my life where I felt ignored. Therefore, I make sure that every single member on the set receives due attention.”

In 2020, Ms. Bhattacharjee married Shri. Pritiranjan Ghadei, the Honourable Minister of Rural Development, Govt. of Odisha. Mr. Ghadei has always been a loving spouse who lends his full support to his wife in fulfilling her aspirations. He has paid equal attention to both his family and the weighty affairs of the state. Like her husband, the adorable daughter-in-law of veteran leader Shri Prafulla Chandra Ghadei intends to pursue her career even while taking greater responsibility in the family.

Jhilik is just the kind of wonder artist the industry has always hoped to sign. Her calm, controlled approach defines both her job and her appeal. Jhilik has developed a reputation as a smart producer who is actively trying to better our beloved industry. She has always acted honestly, prudently and in her team’s best interests.

The actor turned producer thanks her entire family for their support. Jhilik has always wanted to expand her field of expertise in order to be recognised. She has turned Jhilik Motion Pictures into one of the finest production houses, providing rising stars the best opportunities.


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