Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders

Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders

Bullying and Sexual harassment are offenses that are perpetrated against both genders. But the recognized understanding is that women face the majority force of the crime, which is a factually accurate notion. The institutionalized patriarchy and misogyny that has been practiced for centuries are prevalent in our societies to this day. Similarly, the unfair standards set for men to act a certain way and live up to certain expectations give rise to a latent form of bullying.

Two forms of discrimination exist against men and women. The first form is active, while the second is passive. Active discrimination calls for a conscious attempt at degrading gender as a matter of standard policy, while passive discrimination is the unconscious perpetuation caused due to societal upbringing. The difference between the two is that the former is not open to the idea of equality, while the second may be characterized as mere ignorance. In either case, it causes a deficit between the social capital possessed by all genders. This deficit causes offenses such as bullying and sexual harassment. 

Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders
Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders

Sexual Harassment in the workplace

The term sexual harassment refers to unwanted conduct of a sexual nature. A workplace is an opportunity for maximum interaction, and the parasites of societal behavior give room for harassment of multiple sorts. One of which is sexual harassment. Sexual harassment and bullying are now used as tools to gain the material benefit, especially in the corporate world. The same is true for all genders. For instance, even men face sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, where sexual favors are kept as a bribe to huge land contracts.

The principle of professional conduct tends to get ignored when human emotions are blinded by hormonal activity. However, it cannot be a viable reason to justify harassment of any kind. Therefore, there arises a need for woke individuals of the society to act as instruments of social change to create a safe working environment. Social reform movements such as the Metoo movement create a call-out culture that acts as a deterrent for individuals to even think about trading favors or strong-arming someone into sexual activity. However, any social reform movement has sufficient room for misuse in the form of baseless accusations that tarnish one’s image without a fair trial.  

Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders
Bullying And Sexual Harassment At Workplace: How It Affects Both Genders

Bullying in workplace 

Bullying can be defined as an act to harm, intimidate, or coerce an individual. Bullying in the context of the workplace has multiple manifestations. People tend to dominate, coerce or intimidate others on various grounds. The primary contention is the grounds on which an individual is being forced. Natural human rivalries on multiple grounds of jealousy, vindictive motives, ulterior motives, etc., cannot invite criticism because these are genuine human emotions and cannot be penalized. But if these emotions emanate because of specific gender identity, that is when the premise of these emotions turn malicious and need to be called out. Bullying on gender identity is practiced widely against women and the LGBTQ community because of their identity.

Delayed promotions, the gap in pay grade, and discriminatory preferential treatment are a few examples of bullying in workplaces that inflict economic and emotional harm. The peculiar part about bullying is that its subjective nature makes it challenging to detect. The person who is harassed doesn’t understand that he/she has been harassed; one understands it continuously after a state of illumination.

Is There A Solution???

While both offenses perpetrate considerable psychological, and in some cases even physical harm, both have their own distinct identity. Sexual harassment has a very narrow yet wide definition wherein it covers various forms of uncomfortable acts with a sexual angle. Bullying has an extremely wide connotation surrounding any action that gives a result of intimidation or coercion. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that in a workplace, it significantly easy to bully than sexually harass. It is our bound duty to create a safe working environment for all genders such that there is a sense of inclusiveness devoid of any harassment or discrimination.   

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Story By- Sayak Karmakar, Resident Editor, Interview Times

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