“Business for sustainable growth : Bibekananda Pati, CMD-Lalita Foamex Private Ltd”


Mr. Bibekananda Pati, an innovative entrepreneur driving Lalita Foamex Pvt Ltd’s successfully since decades with a passion to produce best of best quality and indigenous products from Bolangir district. He leads a dedicated team, ensuring market leadership through strategic insights and cutting-edge practices. His commitment to excellence fuels the company’s growth and expansion into mattress manufacturing. Here is the following exclusive interviews that he shares in all details of his inspiring business landscapes.



1. What inspired you to become an entrepreneur or start your own business in EPE Foam Sheets And Rolls for mattress?

Entrepreneurs navigate market fluctuations and product trends, aiming to secure a monopoly through innovative offerings. As pioneers of raw materials in Odisha, we supply manufacturers, capitalizing on our first-mover advantage for potential market dominance.

2. Can you provide an overview of  EPE Foam Sheets And Rolls  manufacturing company?

At Lalita Foamex Pvt Ltd, our factory commenced operations last year, focusing on the production of raw materials of mattresses. Our industrial zone spans approximately 2000 square feet, accompanied by 4 hectares of land primarily dedicated to plantations. The land encompasses laborers’ and staff quarters, providing on-site accommodation for our workforce. This integrated setup ensures convenience and operational efficiency while fostering a conducive environment for our team.

3. How do you ensure the quality of your  EPE Foam Sheets And Rolls company? Can you describe the manufacturing process and any quality control measures in place?

To ensure top-notch quality, we have established a team of technical experts hailing from Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and even overseas. These experts bring a wealth of experience and diverse perspectives, contributing to our commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in our products and processes. Their presence underscores our dedication to delivering excellence to our customers.

4. What types of materials do you use in your manufacturing, and why did you choose those specific materials? Are they eco-friendly or sustainable?

Certainly. The materials utilized in our production are ADUP materials, primarily sourced from renowned companies like Reliance and Supreme. These materials hold a distinct characteristic of being environmentally friendly, aligning with our commitment to sustainable practices. By incorporating such eco-friendly materials into our manufacturing process, we not only deliver quality products but also contribute to reducing our ecological footprint, promoting a greener industry.

5. How do you stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in EPE Foam Sheets And Rolls ?

We maintain a dedicated team tasked with consistently analyzing the most recent market trends, innovations, and advancements, both in terms of industry trends and cutting-edge machinery. This proactive approach empowers us to stay ahead in the competitive landscape by swiftly adapting to emerging technologies and consumer preferences. By continuously monitoring the evolving market dynamics and technological breakthroughs, we ensure that our products and processes remain at the forefront of industry standards, enabling us to provide exceptional value to our customers.


6. What measures do you take to ensure customer satisfaction? Do you have any customer feedback or review mechanisms in place?

Absolutely, our operations are supported by a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager. Their role becomes especially prominent post the dispatch of any product. Once a product leaves our premises, the Customer Relationship Manager takes charge, overseeing various aspects of customer satisfaction. This involves ensuring timely delivery, addressing any inquiries or concerns, and maintaining open channels of communication. By assigning a specialized manager to this crucial phase, we aim to consistently exceed customer expectations and build enduring relationships based on trust and reliability.


7. What is your vision for the future of your manufacturing company? Are there any expansion plans or new product developments on the horizon?

Presently, our core focus revolves around the production of raw materials. However, exciting developments are on the horizon. We are in the advanced stages of planning to make our entry into the market with the introduction of mattresses under our own brand. This strategic expansion marks a significant step in diversifying our product offerings and extending our expertise to the finished goods segment. With meticulous preparation and attention to quality, we aim to carve a distinct presence in the market and provide customers with a comprehensive solution that reflects our commitment to excellence.

8. How do you manage and motivate your team to achieve business goals?

We believe in fostering a dynamic work environment through various initiatives. Apart from regular bonuses, we organize engaging events like team get-togethers and annual meetings, where both the production and marketing teams converge. These gatherings serve a dual purpose: they reward exceptional performance and encourage healthy competition among teams. By providing a platform for interaction and recognition, we ensure that every member feels valued and motivated, contributing to our collective success.

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