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Can Vitamin D ensure our safety from the Corona Virus?

Can you be reinfected from COVID-19?

Scientists have been looking forward to volunteers to test if Vitamin D will be beneficial in our fight against the Corona Virus. The trial is led by a group of researchers from Queen Mary University of London and is funded by Barts Charity.

As there has been a delay in discovering a vaccine for the novel Corona Virus, the trial has been set up to see if Vitamin D consumption can strengthen the immune system.  People who will be participating in the trial will be given a higher dose of Vitamin D than regular supplements, so as to see if there is any visible difference.

Vitamin D has always been an integral part of our diet and has been a major reason behind improving our immune system.

How has Vitamin D and our immune system related?

Immune system of our body is a line of defence which protects our body from any underlying diseases or any bacteria and virus invading our system. However, in order to maintain its full fledged working, Vitamin D is an integral part of the diet. Vitamin D ensures the enhancement of immune cells that fight deadly pathogens with the help of its anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties.

Can Vitamin D really cure us from Corona Virus?

As of now there has been no cure to the deadly virus. Vitamin D intake should be taken as a precautionary measure. Vitamin D deficiency is more commonly in the elderly individuals and mostly Asians , they are easily liable to contract the Corona virus infection. According to the Principal investigator David Jolliffe , the trial “has the potential to give a definitive answer” to whether vitamin D offers protection against Covid-19. “Vitamin D supplements are low in cost, low in risk and widely accessible; if proven effective, they could significantly aid in our global fight against the virus,” he adds.

Written by Ompriya Sahoo

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