Home Health Times Can you be reinfected from COVID-19?

Can you be reinfected from COVID-19?

Can you be reinfected from COVID-19?

Since COVID-19 the novel coronavirus is new and, not much is known about it. Scientists are trying to figure out if getting the disease once can protect you from reinfection – something that normally happens in most infectious diseases.

Widespread antibody tests are being done in some areas to look for the presence of COVID-19 virus and its symptoms specific antibodies in the population to check for the possibility of secondary infection.

Yes, there is a major possibility that the people who have a very weak immunity system and suffering from any other disease can be affected easily by this virus and to trace the spread of the disease.

About 80 per cent of the cases of COVID-19 are mild or asymptomatic so it is likely that a lot of people may have gotten the disease and have recovered without even realizing.

Antibodies required for Covid-19

The development of immunity to a bacteria or virus through natural infection is a multi-step process that typically happens in 1-2 weeks.  During the viral infection, The body responds a non-specific innate in which macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells slow the progress of the virus and may even prevent it from causing symptoms.

Earlier there will be no symptoms, The body also makes T-cells that recognize and eliminate other cells infected with the virus. This is called cellular immunity. This combined adaptive response may clear the virus from the body, and if the response is strong enough, may prevent progression to severe illness or re-infection by the same virus. This process is often measured by the presence of antibodies in the blood.

 There is a woman in Los Angeles who recovered from coronavirus, but a week later again she tested positive. A new jersey doctor claimed several patients healed from the virus and another doctor says the second round of illness was a reality for some people.

It may be possible for the coronavirus to strick the same person twice, but its highly the chances are very less or a short window or make people sicker the second time.

A group of researchers at the different sector as well in the Karolinska Institute and Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden have found that immunity to COVID-19 may be more and more widespread in a general way than the antibody test can tell. And hence there might be a need to change our contact tracing immunity responses against this coronavirus.

Most people who are exposed to the coronavirus make antibodies that can destroy the virus, if the symptoms are more then stronger the response. Worries about reinfection have been fueled by recent studies suggesting that these antibody levels plummet.

Written by Sushree Sangeeta Sahoo

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