“Canvassing arts landscape : Noted Sand Artist, Sudam Pradhan”


Mr. Sudam Pradhan, a gifted sand artist whose mesmerizing talent has captivated audiences worldwide. With his nimble fingers and an artistic soul, Mr. Sudam weaves captivating stories and intricate designs on the canvas of sand. Through his awe-inspiring creations, he brings life to transient art, leaving spectators spellbound by the beauty and evanescence of his masterpieces. Get ready to embark on a journey of wonder and enchantment as we delve into the extraordinary world of Sudam Pradhan and his remarkable sand art.


1. How did you get started in sand art, and what inspired you to pursue this unique form of art?

Residing in Bargargh, near the Jira river, I began crafting exquisite sleeping sand art featuring Shiva Lingas, gods, and goddesses. The beauty of my creations attracted larger gatherings and brought joy to the people. The overwhelming positive response served as a motivating force, inspiring me to participate in diverse fairs and festivals, where I continued to showcase my artistic talents.



2. Puri is known for its sand art. How has the culture and environment of Puri influenced your work?

Puri, a renowned tourist destination in Odisha, attracts visitors from far and wide. In 2003, I decided to relocate there to showcase my work to a larger audience. Amidst the beautiful beaches, I tirelessly worked day and night, gaining encouragement from the community. As a result, my efforts were recognized at both national and international levels, opening up new opportunities for me.



3. Can you tell us about the process of creating a sand art piece? How long does it typically take to complete one?

The duration of art creation varies based on its intended display, whether indoor or outdoor. For indoor pieces, maintenance is required, allowing them to last up to six months. However, some artworks are designed for a one-day exhibition on sea beaches, offering a unique and transient experience for viewers.



4. Your sand art often depicts intricate scenes and themes. Where do you draw your inspiration from for your creations?

Art thrives on imagination, demanding a blend of creativity and boundless innovation. Each stroke or idea contributes to its growth, becoming a monument of artistic expression. It’s a continuous process, with artists enriching their creations through limitless creative exploration, shaping extraordinary and unique masterpieces.



5. Can you share some memorable experiences or events where you displayed your sand art?

In 2022, PM Modi and Yogi ji were captivated by my sand art skills, leading them to invite me twice to UP for events on Ganga Expressway and Kundelkan Expressway. It was a remarkable achievement and a cherished memory for me, as my art left a lasting impression on the distinguished leaders.


6. Puri attracts tourists from around the world. How do you communicate your message or story effectively to a diverse audience through your sand art?

Puri, being a renowned tourist destination worldwide, has provided me with an opportunity to address social issues and promote awareness about Odisha’s rich culture and heritage. As I engage with tourists from diverse backgrounds, I strive to utilize this platform to shed light on important matters while also showcasing the state’s unique traditions and historical significance.

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