Capital City’s Patrapada Revels In Raja Fervour With 112 Swings


Come Raja, Patrapada reverberates with the glee of women and girls of all age groups. They throng the ‘Raja Melana’ ground on outskirts of the city, and enjoy to fullest for three consecutive days. The Raja here, is a perfect example of community celebration.

The year 2022, is special for sure. People of the city were not able to make a beeline at this venue for the last two years, thanks to the pandemic. This year, the crowd has doubled and so has the joy. “We are extremely happy. Coming here on the occasion of Raja is something we look forward to,” a young girl said.

Another lot of girls said that the environment is peaceful and safe. “Celebrating Raja in a community is always special, than being at home. We play Puchi, sway on swings, play musical chair, have paan, savour delicacies, and indulge in happiness.”

Maharaja Cricket Association (MCA) has been organising the Raja Carnival at Patrapada since 2011. In 1980, MCA applied to the district administration for a piece of 14acres of land for the purpose of organising the Raja festival and planting trees. It was registered in 1987 as a reserved playground.

“We started celebrating the Raja festival in the year 2011 by installing 30 swings. As people from villages nearby took interest and our efforts brought colours. In 2018, we erected 121 swings, and 180 in 2019. This year, due to unavailablity of suitable trees, 112 swings have been installed,” the organisers said.

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