Celebrating 75th year Independence in a Sustainable and Eco-friendly style


The conceptual design and partial execution of the Durga puja pandal in Salt Lake, Kolkata is done by a young architect from India/Australia, Ms. Pragya Bharati and Interior Designer Mr. Bijit Bhattacharya. The duo helped in shaping up the overall pandal installation with the help from sculptor Gautam Pal.

The theme of the Durga puja pandal is celebrating 75th year of India’s Independence in a very sustainable and eco-friendly way. Hence, all sustainable materials are used in the pandal installation starting from bamboo structure to dried thatched roof. The walls are made from dried agricultural waste and pleated jute to give an overall aesthetic touch. There are few iconic design elements like the Stawbale pendent lights, cane basket chandeliers, dried jute wood standing light installations and the very eye-catching “hanging jewel” made from Stawbale. The interior installation emphasized on the Bengal’s contribution to India’s independence struggle and also highlighting the “Seven Decades of India’s Glory”. The exterior of the Durga puja pandal is designed with exposed bamboo and thatched roof along with lots of “Kash phool”, Kans grass which was the showstopper of the overall pandal design. The beautiful sculptures and statues of freedom fighters are designed by the internationally known Sculptor Gautam Pal.

“I believe there are three forms of visual art: Painting is art to look at, sculpture is art you can walk around, and architecture is art you can walk through, hence I want people to experience Art, touch it and feel it.” says Pragya Bharati (Upscale Architects) who is specialized in Sustainable and Traditional Modernism Architecture style.

Photographer: Sagnik Adhikary

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